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Since 2010, Singo Stone provided comprehensive stone solutions for more than 100 big projects. Here are some:   

Electrical Government House
Electrical Government House

Electrical Government House

CP Leadership Center Project-1
CP Leadership Center Project-1

We are honoured to be the EXCLUSIVE STONE SUPPLIER OF CP LEADERSHIP CENTER PROJECT ,The CP Leadership Institute was commissioned by CP group as a venue for holding private seminars, meetings, and leadership trainings for CP's managerial level employees. By fostering LEED standard for the main building within the campus, CP is contributing to set a new standard to the Thai building industry, which would undoubtedly benefit Thailand in the long run. The CPLI campus is located at Nong Nam Daeng, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. we have supplied Natural Stone Products and Semiprecious stone products for more than 4 Million US Dollars in total during 2015-2016! Here are the photo of the samples which we prepared for the project : The Following Photos show you the production in our factory : The Photo of the Packing and Protection is below :  The Below Photos show you  our stone products after installation : 

Emporium Project
Emporium Project

Electrical Government House

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Singo Stone, founded in 2010, has dedicated in offering a vast selection of natural stone products known for their unique colors, patterns and textures on global scale.   “Designed by Nature and born in Earth’s outer solid layer-the crust, natural stone is the earliest applied building material of human history, from the Pyramids and the Great Wall to every corner of modern life.”   Natural stone has eternal popularity and extraordinary durability. Therefore, Singo Stone strives to develop in stone industry. Not just as the quarry owner of Black China, exclusive agent of Ekachai Orange, Ekachai Blue and Ekachai Beige quarries, we also run a modernized factory that covers more than 20000㎡ workshops area. Over a decade, hundreds of overseas projects have been well completed by our stone products.   With great passion and honor, through the professional skills of our experts, we bring the finest of Mother Nature's gifts to you. 
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Hot Products


Panda White Marble Panda White Marble
China Panda White Marble Floor Tiles

As the name implies, it is white background with black color lines like Panda so called Panda White. With good performance of design possibilities, it is especially loved by many architects.

Black And Gold Marble Black And Gold Marble
Black Icy Flower Marble

Black Icy Flower is a kind of black marble quarried in China.It consists recrystallized calcite or dolomite, capable of taking a high polish, occurring in a wide range of colors and variations.

Guangxi White Marble Guangxi White Marble
Guangxi White Marble Polished Slabs

Guangxi White is a kind of white marble quarried in China.

Staturaio White Marble Staturaio White Marble
Italy Statuario Natural Marble Stone Slabs

Statuario is really an luxury and elegant building material from Italy. It is white background with uneven distribution of grains and grey black vertical lines and widely used for high-lever buildings' decoration

Pietra Grey Marble Slab Pietra Grey Marble Slab
Pietra Grey Marble

Bulgarian Grey Marble is a kind of dark grey with white quartz features popular marble quarried in Iran.  Uniform in appearance and compact,the alternation between very fine white streaks and barely linear makes this material animation and elegance.

Cold Emerald Green Marble Cold Emerald Green Marble
China Cold Emerald Jade Marble Slabs

Cold Emerald, also named Ice Jade Marble is a natural jade stone from Yunnan, China. The main color is black, white and green.

Mongolia Black Basalt
Mongolia Black Basalt

One of the most famous black basalt in the world. Stable and uniform color.

 Amazon Green Marble
Chinese Amazon Green Marble Stone

This is a Chinese new green marble we called it Amozon Green and the main colors are grass-like Green, black and white. It is similar to Cold Emerald green marble.

Our Quarry
We are the owner of Black China Quarry and the exclusive agent of three materials :Ekachai Orange Granite,Ekacha Blue Granite and Ekachai Beige Marble .Our annual production capability of block reaches 30,000 M3.30000 M2 for the Slabs and 5000M3 for specially Processed Stone
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The Eighth Basketball League Boshun Cup


The Eighth Basketball League Boshun Cup
The 8th Basketball League Boshun Cup has officially started. In order to enhance our team's cohesion and work enthusiasm, a basketball league is held every year. Colleagues can exercise and deepen good relationship with each other through basketball. Finally, wish all contestants a good grades.
  • Midyear Dinner and Birthday Party


    In order to thank all the staff's hard work, enhance cohesion and strengthen the communication between colleagues. We had a midyear dinner and a birthday party for two colleagues. Wish all colleagues and the company better in the future.
  • Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice


    Dear all, The vacation for the Dragon Boat Festival is from 12th to 14th June. The working day is Tuesday,15th June. Please contact us and arrange works in advance. In case of urgent matter you can send emails during the holidays. The Dragon Boat Festival is a tradition of the Chinese for more than ...
  • We bought 6 blocks of Hermes Gray and cut for our clients


    We are pleased to announce that we bought 6 blocks of Hermes Grey Marble and cut for our clients ,The Origin of this Hermes Gray is China . Here are some photos of this natural marble below :
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