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Why does quartz popular and the 6 advantages of Quartz

Why does quartz popular and the 6 advantages of Quartz

Aug 20, 2020

These years,there is a huge decrease in quantity of natural granite and marble exportation to USA,Europe and Australia in Countertop and Vanity tops business, because of the new trend of using quartz (Australia calls it engineering stone) for kitchen remodeling! Why did this happen? Why does the quartz become popular among home owners  !

Calacatta White Quartz

here are some good benefits :

1:Hardness , The Quartz can be very hard , because it is made of 90% natural Quartz sand , 8% Resins and 2% fixation accelerator in the factory , so The Moh's hardness of Quartz is up to 6-7 degree ,it is harder than natural marble ,limestone and travertine, for countertop and vanity tops , Obviously , It is non-scratched ,Like granite ! But there is also an advantage than granite. The surface of quartz does not need sealing treatment!

2:More Colors and no color difference , For Natural stone , There is an apparent defect , the Color difference,Especially for marbles , The Color is chaotic , Maybe in one slab , There are 2-3 colors ,one part is dark , or the above part is light , for some clients , this color difference is not acceptable ,especially for Villa or luxurious home decoration ,  but by using Quartz , There is no this issue , The Color is always uniform , even if for huge project! Xiamen Singo stone factory can easily control the color!

3:Long life Durability–unlike natural marble and natural granite, which are got from mine, quartz is produced and compressed in factories, by using the hardest quartz sand to produce quartz slab. This process makes quartz a very long life durability.

4:Beautiful Veins: The veins of natural marble tile is a gift from our earth mother, but the hardness of marble is low and the marble is with many cracks and other defects.So it is not very suitable for Countertop,vanity tops and table tops. So quartz become ideal material for it. Because the vein of quartz can be produced according to client’s requirement, in other words, we can create the veins or we can copy the veins from the natural marble but without the defects. I think that’s the main reasons for quartz popularity!

5:Easy to clean: Due to it’s stain resistant,non-porous nature,quartz do not be sealed like marble or granite,and it’s easy for home hostess to clean the surface!

6: Lower Price to get it : For Quartz , at first ,Maybe it is expensive ,but now ,The price is lowered down , For example , The price of natural calacatta marble slab is up to 700USD/M2 , but Quartz Calacatta slab is only 100USD/M2 or even lower !

Joey Hu


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