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Why did China close thousands stone factories and Quarries in recent year

Why did China close thousands stone factories and Quarries in recent year

Aug 06, 2020

As we all know that Natural Stone has become one of the most important raw materials for roads, bridges, decoration and construction already in all the countries ! That means the demand are huge , for example ,The Exportation quantity in Xiamen port was up to 10 thousand Containers per month in 2017 !The turnover was up to 100 Millions USD !

In 2014-2020 , there were a great number news of shutting down natural granite factories and quarries !It hurts the China stone industry badly,That’s the reasons why the prices of some granite from China were raised a lot or the suppliers stop providing some materials !

Here is the list of the quarries closed in Fujiang Province before 2019 :

The quarry of Granite G664 Original -Violet Red in Luoyuan City

The Quarry of granite G682 Original-Yellow rustic Granite in Quanzhou City

The Quarry of granite G603 original -Sesame light gray in Quangzhou City

The Quarry of granite G602-Original in Quanzhou City

The Quarry of granite G687-Peach Red in Gutian City

The Quarry of granite G654 Original -Padang dark gray granite in Changtai City

The Quarry of granite G640 Original

The Quarry of granite G623 Original

The Quarry of granite G635 Original

natural granite tile

The above granite colors are very popular in the whole world ,but They were all SHUT DOWN before 2019 !

Except these Quarries , The Factories which produce these materials were also shut down by our government in China ! this situation were happened Not only in Fujiang Province , but also in Shandong Province ,Mongolia Province ,Guandong Province ,etc

Why did this Happen???

The Answer is :Our Chinese Government try to protect our environment !

The reasons are the problems of pollution in the stone factory

Although the stone factory uses electricity for production, it does not produce waste gas, but there are still noise, dust, waste water and other problems, especially the dust pollution of the stone carving factory which is extremely serious,The benefit of the stone factory is very low, but it occupies a lot of land,Polluted the natural water

So The Enterprises must do pollution-free recycling of waste water. Dust and noise are strictly controlled, It should never affect the life of the people there. All The Weight of Transportation vehicles are also restricted in load, Over-speed is strictly prohibited!

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