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Why Carrara White Marble is loved by most of architects?

Why Carrara White Marble is loved by most of architects?

Sep 16, 2020

As we all know that marble is with many defects, including cracks, fissure lines, color variation ,crispiness ,low hardness etc, but the famous carrara white marble without these problems ! The white carrara marble can be made for Countertops ,Vanitytops ,table-tops ,Stepts , flooring tiles, wall panels, Sculptures and etc.

As we all know that the carrara white marble was used at Ancient  time ,and the quarry location is in the northen-western area of Tuscany, at the borders with Liguria and Emilia, famous all over the world for its valued white marble.

The Carrara White is a marble with a white background and grey veins. High Quality Carrara white marble is with a more white color , if we want lower qualities, the backgrounds will be a little darker  and we can observe a bigger presence of veins and other impurities.

There is a wide range of classifications of White Carrara such as: Bianco Carrara C, CD or D.

white marble tile

It is one of the the most affordable material, so along with its aesthetical beauty, make it one of the most popular material in spite of its whiteness is not so immaculate as other kinds of marble as Sivec, Thassos or Statuario.

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