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The Introduction of White Wood Marble

The Introduction of White Wood Marble

Aug 31, 2020

The White wood is a kind of gray and white marble with a wooden veins which is famous for its beauty of "natural Wood". The origin of this marble is in Guizhou Province China, so it is also known as wood grain marble or beige serpeggiante marble .

light wooden grey marble

1 :Actually , The white wood is a Limestone !

The White wood marble is a kind of limestone whose main component is calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

2:It is with a Powder structure

Although it has a similar texture and pattern to marble, there is a clear difference. One of the important features is that the formation process of limestone has not undergone the deterioration and crystallization of marble.

This makes the limestone present a fine powder structure in structure. It seems dense, but in fact it is essentially different from the crystal structure of marble and granite.

3:Physical performance

Limestone is fragile, and its flexural bulk density, curvature and compressive strength are not high.

4:High water absorption

Calcium carbonate composition and powder structure make limestone generally have a high water absorption rate.

We have had similar experiences on unsealed wood-grain stones: we sprinkled some water on the wood-grain stones, The Water was absorbed quickly! This feature is obviously different from the reaction of sprinkling on the surface of marble, granite and other stones.

Please be known that the white wood marble is with some defects “Crystal wood marble which is very common to see , Red line or spot , Dark Grey spots and the cracks . here are the quality standards :

Premium Quality : The whole slab is with one or two short crystal lines ,without red lines and dark grey spots and cracks ! The Prices range is around 40USD-60USD/M2

Medium Quality : The whole slabs is with two or three 3mm-5mm crystal lines , without dark grey spots ,The Prices range is around 30-40USD/M2

Commercial Quality : The whole slabs is with some crystal lines and dark grey spots , The Price range is around 25-30USD/M2 !

The Above quality standard are not fixed , it is only for your reference when you are going to buy light wooden grain marble ! in addition , the prices are subject to the quantity , payment terms and the relationship with your supplier !

Joey Hu


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