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The granite and marble wall cladding panel has become the

The granite and marble wall cladding panel has become the

Oct 20, 2020

The natural granite and marble wall cladding panel has become the "Trend" in the design of the home decoration. The natural granite and marble wall cladding panel is not only pretty , but also has functions such as low water absorption and sound insulation . It attracted people's attention and also reflected the taste of the host. However, there are some precautions for the stone wall panel during the construction process, otherwise the previous work will be abandoned.

granite wall cladding panel

The installation of stone wall panel

1. For the treatment of the base layer on the wall, the base layer must be cleaned and leveled without floating soil and ash, and the moisture-proof layer must be applied on the base layer of the wall.

2. The keel is fixed, because the marble slab is relatively heavy, the steel keel can reduce the pressure of the slab on the wall. According to the design of the background wall drawings, the fixtures are embedded in the background wall, and then the keel is welded and fixed to the wall surface.

3. Stone installation. During the installation, attention must be paid to the control of horizontal and vertical lines. The stone must be mounted on the support frame along the horizontal and vertical lines. First fix the lower hole of the marble slab, insert the supporting frame pendant, fine-tune the lock and then fix the upper and side of the stone, and finally connect the anchoring agent in the space to strengthen the plate.

4. Gap bonding. The gaps between the boards are filled with viscose to prevent thermal expansion and contraction from causing stone deformation. Don't underestimate this step. After the stone is installed, remove the dust and impurities in the gap, fill the foam strip, protect the edge of the board with tape, and finally apply glue to the gap.

The display of stone wall panel

With the popularity of minimalist home furnishings, the design of marble background walls is also trending towards minimalist avant-grade. Marble background wall design is not just a background wall, it can also be an art wall. More natural stone panel from you can choose.

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